Locations: Missouri, Arkansas

Hunt mallards, wigeon, teal, pintail, redheads and more in Missouri and Arkansas. Hunt dry or flooded agricultural fields and farm ponds in the rolling hills of NW Missouri or sloughs, cypress breaks, green timber, flooded agricultural fields and farm ponds in NE Arkansas.

Locations: Minnesota, Missouri

Hunt early season honkers with us in Minnesota, or target migrators in Missouri. We’ll hunt in corn, alfalfa, wheat, and more depending on the year and the area and whether we’re hunting traffic or an “X” field or loaf.

Location: Arkansas

We hunt specks over large spreads with experienced guides and callers! In 2018 we killed one of the oldest geese in our history on a speck hunt 20+ years old! These are December and January hunts. Specks targeted with snows as a bonus!

Locations: Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota

Conservation snow goose hunts starting in Arkansas then following the migration north through Missouri and South Dakota. No plugs, no limits, and a whole lot of fun! Shotguns with magazine extensions and open chokes highly recommended!


Location: Oklahoma

A-frame style hunting over decoys for the “Ribeye of the Sky” in Western Oklahoma!